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Hey, thanks for the visit.   This website is devoted to written devotional material under the writing tab, and the Jackson Street Ministry under the tab of the same title.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

God has richly blessed us all with talents to employ for the Kingdom.  I hope something here spurs you toward the utilization of your talents for Him and the Kingdom.  Jesus is central to every message you'll find here.  It is all about Him.

If you have a comment about anything, give me a call sometime.  601.345.0265.

First Series for 2014 begins 1/6/2014...sign up today!

Signs of God will delve into all the realities of God.  What do things like creation, our bodies, sacrifice, laws, redemption, sin, yearning, holiness, wisdom, the universe, and worship reveal about a Supreme God?  Come and let's explore all the signs that point toward Him.  Sign up early and get the scripture list to go along with the sereis. 

Email me at...  malcolmwoody@live.com


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Sermons of Note Sermons of Note

Check out this great message from Dan Seaborn on families.  Click on the link then click on the 9am message from 2/14.  Enjoy!




This message from Philip Yancey is not a sermon, but perhaps it should be.  This is in support of his book "Rumors of another World" to a group of college students.  Seldom will you encounter more blatent realness.  It is one hour long, but worth the time.