About the Jackson Street Ministry About the Jackson Street Ministry

Statement of Purpose


The Jackson Street Ministry team is a group of individuals who are dedicated to sharing the grace of God to the disenfranchised and homeless of Jackson, MS.  Our aim is to boldly follow Jesus where He is leading and humbly engage people of the street in His love and grace.  We Meet at the First Baptist Parking lot on the corner of Mississippi and North streets in downtown Jackson every Wednesday night, and leave to minister to our friends by 8:30pm.  If you can’t come we pray you would consider helping our friends by donating money to the JSM and/or join us in praying for our ministry and friends.   



Biblical Call to Action


In the final parables of Matthew we discover a vineyard owner who has gone away leaving the vineyard, tower, and winepress in the care of others (Matt. 21:33), a faithful servant who has been put in charge of his master’s household while the master has been delayed (Matt. 24:45-46), ten virgins who fall asleep waiting for the bridegroom, who is a long time coming (Matt. 25:5), and a master who invests and shares different measures of  wealth or talents with his servants then goes away on a journey (Matt. 25:14-15).  In each case, Jesus was presenting a master who was going away and so did He at the ascension.  However in Matthew 25, we discover where we can find Him in one of his last teachings.  He is the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the one without adequate clothes, the sick and the imprisoned (Matt. 25:35-36).  Later, in verse 40, we take Jesus at His word and realize we are actually reaching out to Him, our departed Master.  In this way, we prayerfully go into the streets of downtown Jackson and look to meet Jesus there. 




Ministry Action Plan


We are concerned about the physical, spiritual and relational needs of the homeless in Jackson. 


a)    Physical

We bring food, clothing, gloves, blankets, socks, shoes, coats, bug spray, back packs, sleeping bags, drinks of various kinds and hygiene kits consisting of deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, shampoo, etc.  We give these items to attempt to meet very basic physical needs, which we find prevalent in the street. 


b)   Spiritual

We pray with our homeless friends, share scripture, the grace and love of Christ, and attempt to give them a biblical perspective as they face the struggles of their homeless existence.  We partner with other organizations that have a heart for our friends and point our friends to addiction recovery homes, shelters, food providers, etc.  A list can be provided upon request or just click on the services tab.  It is important to note that while we encourage our friends to seek help and assist them in that regard, we do not attempt to "fix" them.  We first attempt to love them, therefore fixing is subservient to loving.


c)     Relational

The most basic tenant of our ministry is to build relationships with people that others may overlook or avoid.  Simply put, we build friendships.  In many ways, we receive as much as we give relationally. 


Contact for more information:


Malcolm Woody





Understanding Addiction Understanding Addiction

Many of our street friends battle addictions.  Click on the following link for a biblical look into understanding addictions and how you can help someone in an addiction or perhaps get help if you need it. 



The message is from Dr. Tate Cockrell, who is Director of the Center for Hope and Healing and Family Pastor at Broadmoor Baptist Church. 


The Throwaway The Throwaway

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"You can throw away a paper, but can you throw away a person?"


In the news... In the news...

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